Golden Retriever Parents Watching Over Their Newborn Puppies
  • 30.04.2022
  • 13873

Damn, these dogs have a better relationship than my parents.

Life with a Golden Retriever
  • 28.04.2022
  • 3634

He's just a giant teddy bear

Golden Retrievers and Husky Meeting Their Best Friends Newborn Kitten
  • 27.04.2022
  • 27140

They are so gentle, friendly and gonna be the best nanny dogs! ???

Bachelor Couple Keeps Adopting Golden Retrievers From Korea | The Dodo You Know Me Now Meet My Pet
  • 26.04.2022
  • 5636

The moment Jason Tartick surprises Kaitlyn Bristowe with their second rescue dog ???

Golden Retriever Dog Protects My Wife from Me
  • 25.04.2022
  • 3285

Golden Retriever Dog Protects My Wife from Me! See how my dog reacts to trying to touch my wife. Be sure to subscribe, make sure to enable ALL push notifications! ?and leave your comments under this video!

Adorable Baby Meets New Golden Retriever Puppy For The First Time!
  • 24.04.2022
  • 33796

This video is the cutest thing ever! Amelia meets Buddy for the first time. She's so much more of a little person now than when we got Teddy as a puppy just over a year ago! Check out how she interacts with Buddy in this and the genuine excitement and happiness you get to see from her!

Kitten Growing up with Dog Best Friend
  • 23.04.2022
  • 10530

A montage of clips of our rescued ginger kitten, Koda, growing up with our family's Golden Retriever, Keelo. They were instant friends when we first brought Koda home (who was only about a month old at the time, and could fit perfectly in my hand!). 8 months have passed since then and they still continue to be as close as ever. Their bond is incredible and something I've never seen between a large dog and a tiny cat before!

How Summer Wakes Me Up! Puppy Life
  • 22.04.2022
  • 1175

How My Golden Retriever Puppy Wakes Me Up! Summer my new puppy wakes up my sister. How will she react? She's definitely not a morning person ;) Whats your favorite part?

Kind Golden Retriever Saves And Brings Stray Kitten Home
  • 20.04.2022
  • 1058

This is so Beautiful and kind, that baby kitty was helpless and starving, so glad the sweet golden saved it. Golden retrievers have a heart full of love and warmth. ???

Golden Retriever Preps Little Boy For His New Role As Big Brother | The Dodo Soulmates
  • 19.04.2022
  • 519

Golden retriever forms the most magical bond with this baby — who starts throwing the ball to get him to play when he's only 8 months old! ?

Golden Retriever Shocked by a Kitten occupying his bed!
  • 17.04.2022
  • 777

So sweet he doesn’t want to hurt the kitty ——- but he looks like he is going to have a total breakdown. ?

Golden Retriever Meets Puppies for the First Time
  • 17.04.2022
  • 648

Hey guys, these cute little puppies are not our new dogs! Once we, driving along the road familiar to us, we found them without their mother wandering along the highway. We could not leave them, as most likely they would have suffered from car wheels. They will live temporarily with us until we find a new home for them and a family to take care of them. A video about how we found them will appear on the The Fluffiest channel very soon!

Golden Retrievers and Husky Meeting Their Best Friends Newborn Kitten
  • 17.04.2022
  • 27314

They are so gentle, friendly and gonna be the best nanny dogs! ???